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Pilates is a physical practice that aids in improving and correcting posture, increases mobility and flexibility, develops strength throughout the body and supports the development of a strong core. Pilates improves co-ordination, balance and stability. We believe that the practice of Pilates is an essential factor in the role of injury prevention and recovery.


Lifestyle Programming

For clients who are wanting to change their daily habits and are looking for support and accountability.

We help you set up your schedule, ensure it is as balanced as possible and offer you support along the way.

We may not be the right fit for you but we are happy to help find who is! We get you in touch with any professions you may need to help you get the most out of your week.

Functional Personal Training

We offer 1-1 training sessions that aim to keep you free of injury, keep you engaged, motivated and equip you to reach your fitness and health goals. These sessions can be performed online or in person (Greater London Area) and are scheduled around YOU!

We travel to you, provide portable small equipment and ensure that you remain injury free!

Sessions are a mixture of mobility, stability, strength and cardio training. Sessions are tailored to your level and desired intensity. Weekly monitoring and help with lifestyle planning is also provided on request.

Flexibility & Mobility Training

Helping you unlock the potential of your body!

Whether your goals are to push the limits of flexibility or to just rotate with ease on the golf course, we all need mobility!

Mobility is extremely important when it comes to remaining as pain-free and optimal as possible!

Explore what your body can do and see how many physical benefits you reap from exploring new ranges of movement.


Pricing & Packages

Sessions Base Rate of £55 per hour

PLEASE NOTE: This rate is postcode specific and not a guarantee of cost. Session cost is dependant on location and travel included. Discounts are offered for packages brought in bulk- subject to discussion and final decision made by KezaKineticz

Enquire for Small Group Sessions and Lifestyle Programming Packages


Subscription Packages

Head to KezaKineticz Patreon Page to check out various options and access to a fully diverse video library and online anytime sessions!

Client Testimonials

I learn something new from every session with her…

Kerryn is so much more than a PT, she has helped me to heal my relationship with my body and learn to appreciate what it can do for me. When it’s not working the way I want it to, I now look for what else I can do instead of only focusing on what I can’t do. Kerryn has listened to my experiences and what my body has been through and shapes our sessions around me as a whole person, an approach not taken nearly enough by the fitness industry. Kerryn is extremely knowledgeable, I learn something new from every session with her and come away every time full of respect for her ethos and experience. She will go above and beyond for you and I honestly can’t recommend working with her enough!

Amelia, 30


Brilliant in Every Way…

I am sixty-two and although I had run regularly I had not run properly for six years due to various injuries when I started with Kerryn last year. I have now run a 10k and am aiming to do another. She is brilliant at understanding my individual needs and working round any weaknesses so I no longer feel restricted in what I can achieve. She is the perfect mix of fun and fierce. I really enjoy my sessions with her and am constantly amazed at what she enables me to achieve. Thank you Kerryn!

Jane, 62

Author and Running Enthusiast

Kerryn is an attentive and knowledgeable personal trainer…

“How is your body feeling today?” is the way Kerryn kicks off every session. Depending on the answer, an appropriately tailored exercise sequence will follow. Kerryn is an attentive and knowledgeable personal trainer. I have been working out with her for a year and I always look forward to our sessions. Kerryn incorporates core strength exercises, with cardio and stretching to an intensity that suits your body. She is an expert at Pilates and won’t give up on a position until your body alignment is on point! Kerryn aims for progress week on week, is always encouraging and will celebrate my small successes with the same enthusiasm as I do. I highly recommend her services.

Nivine, 41


10/10 would recommend!…

Absolutely love my sessions with Kerryn. She tailors them to my body and my specific goals, and brings great energy every time. 10/10 would recommend!

Matt, 33


My recovery post baby has been great and I’m feeling like myself again!…

Kerryn has trained me through many stages including through fertility treatments, pregnancy and post baby. Every step she tailored my workouts/pilates daily so I was not only comfortable but prepared for what I needed in that stage. I had some fairly significant SIJ pain in the middle of my pregnancy. She made sure I saw a physiotherapist for the right diagnosis and liaised with him for the treatment. It was gone within 2 weeks. My pregnancy had several complications and she made sure I wasn’t over doing it but also that I was being challenged in the way I should be. I had diabetes so exercise was required throughout and late into the pregnancy to keep my sugars regulated, but needed to be safe. Kerryn made sure of that and that I stayed motivated (which I was absolutely not on my own at that point!) and pain free. My recovery post baby has been great and I’m feeling like myself again! She made sure my pelvic floor was back to normal before we did anything too intense. I was doing jumping jacks just a few months post baby and not peeing myself! It’s a miracle!

Stephanie, 39

Mother Of Two, Professional Author

A relief to work with someone so knowledgeable…

2021… I started training with Kerryn earlier this year and this was my first experience having a personal trainer. After years of only doing group exercise classes, I was so impressed with the attention to detail on my form and making sure I was doing exercises correctly. After just a few sessions I was doing full press-ups for the first time in my life and I could notice a huge difference in my core strength. Kerryn’s sessions always stretch me but they are also always fun and enjoyable and I leave feeling great! She always brings fantastic energy and I love the mix of weights and more high-intensity stuff with pilates. Recently I started pre-natal sessions and it’s honestly such a relief to work with someone so knowledgeable and to know that I can still work hard but keep safe. It’s a huge confidence boost at a time when you really need it.

2022… I have now trained with Kerryn before my pregnancy, during my pregnancy and post pregnancy. Throughout it she has consistently kept me feeling safe whilst giving me workouts which are varied and fun but still make me feel like I’m working hard which is important to me! Throughout this time she has continued to coach me on my form and built my confidence. I’m now 5 months postpartum and I’m so happy with how I’ve maintained my fitness and strength and can now continue on my fitness journey.

Amy, 34

She brings together cardio, strength and Pilates!…

Kerryn is a brilliant PT and genuinely cares about understanding her clients and learning what they need. She brings together cardio, strength and Pilates, sometimes without you even realising! I’ve recommended her to many family and friends and she’s a key part of my weekly routine and I feel genuine results after seeing her.

Kate, 35

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How Can We Help?

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